For some, marriage is a union of two souls meant to be together. It enriches the bond between the two parties
and allows a foundation on which a true family can be built on.
However, there are always the marriages that shouldn't happen.
This painting represents a marriage not meant to be. It conveys the varying emotions of the groom and the stages he
goes through. For the bride, this is her day. As she stares off into the crowd, craving the attention of all the spectators.

True Beauty

Joseph Carey Merrick (5 August 1862 – 11 April 1890)
This is an update with an oil painting I'm working on.


Religion is a fascinating thing. It has the power to pull together the masses and to tear them apart.
This painting represents the notion of primitive man still clinging on to archaic beliefs.
Beliefs that go against logical thinking and humanitarian ideals. It can take a man, who on the surface can be the most benevolent and caring person. When confronted with a creed unlike his own, he is forced to believe that in some way, the other person is spiritually less then him.

Heavy Priorities

This a very simple and to the point representation of an inflated ego.
Her head is so full of herself it fell off.

The "L" Word

Not To Shabi

This is a very special piece to me. It a simple question to the viewer. Who loves you?
In life, love seems to be the ultimate goal. Happiness can only be attained
when someone can truly love you, unconditionally.